Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New goals

I need some new ones now that February is basically over!
*belly dancing class
*do a 10k by summertime
*pass my pediatric registry...by august?
*don't "what if" so much....

Reasons I love running:
It makes me feel free
I have ABS!
Skinny ankles..hehe
I am a machine!!!
People think I am crazy

I get to eat....a lot. A lot more peanut butter..
I get to drink more wine...
More hot showers/bubble baths
Espresso before runs ;)
Clears my mind/spirit
Cute running clothes
New running shoes
NATURE is so perfect...
Hills! I actually kinda like 'em...
Non-runners don't "get" it....its a secret society :)


  1. It is sooo a secret society! :) Glad you are working out so hard and getting such good results, those new goals sound great.

  2. I love those dag gum hills too. They sure make you feel on top of the world when you reach the top.