Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend's over.....

Back to work tomorrow! Today was a lazy day (besides the supppper hilly 4 miler in my brand new shoes!) Totally perfect. I love watching the birds, the people looking at me as if I am insane in the cold, gasping for breath, the trees, clouds, little streams...the snow icing all of the earth...everything blends and flows just as it was meant to. At that moment. I feel alive.
I'm just kinda mad, actually super mad that I haven't discovered outside running before. I wasted SO much time on the dreadmill!!!!! Ugh!
I need to bust out of my routine. I am so totally obsessive with routine and time that I need a change. A big change. A life change..but what is it? What is that piece I am searching for? I have a great career, am married....and no, a baby isn't the answer. I can barely look after myself. Ha.
Maybe I need a dog...or a hedgehog...

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  1. i love this post! :) ha ha ha, glad you finally discovered it! :)