Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ninja runners

Sooo...running in all black seems to be the newest thing..It never occured to me that I prefer...BLACK!

Haha so funny.

Today I did the most mountains...(err, hills) I think I have ever done. It was pretty damn cold too! 23 degrees, but I finally figured out how to dress for it. I have a new appreciation for NY winters! Just get out there!!!! Its awesome.

My calves are gonna hate me tomorrow! I need to stop being so negative when I run. When I get short of breath I automatically think

a) OMG I'm gonna die! Right now!

b) Stop! Pleeeeeease! Just for 10 seconds!

c)I'm gonna pass out

No. I need a mantra or something.

Oh can I just say, Clif kids bars in chocolate chip are so freakin awesome for a prerun snack? Chocolate brownie was my standby.. now i have a new fave. <3

I love my ritual! Run, shower (must have lavender showergel), drink tea...later drink a big ol glass of pinot. Ahh...

1 comment:

  1. Just checking out running blogs. It gives me motivation. Living in Alaska you must look like a Ninja a lot if you want to run outside. Ha Ha! Keep up the running.