Sunday, June 21, 2009

Treadmill days..

Its raining! Ugh so I turned to the 'mill. Pounded out 3 miles in 30 min, doing intervals at 7.2 every 5 min. Makes it more tolerable! I am loooooving the foam roller! Using it every day. Its a miracle!!!!
Tomorrow I am prepping for a hilly 8 miler. If these freakin blisters would go away! Moleskin works, though.
I am aiming to eat salmon/tuna 3x's a week. I already eat flax evvery day, but more omegas can only help, right?
Ugh I realllly want a garmin 305 right now but cant get it now. Damn bills neverending.

This is such a random post! LOL!

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