Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still in some pain...

Ugh This sucks! Its been 2 weeks :(
I'm trying so hard not to obsess about it, though. I get all misty eyed when I pass a runner...hhaha!!! Oh well. I am focusing on upper body more now that I have a chance, I guess. So it is good in some aspects.

I had a wierd experience at Marshall's yesterday. I went in to look around, and I was totally miserable because I had to hobble past the active wear. Grrr..Shopping just doesn't really do it for me...Well, of course I like shopping as much as the next girl, and it used to be my #1 activity (sad) but now ALL I WANT TO DO IS RUN!!!!!!!!!
Oh, my new do, btw-------------------------------------------->
Super blonde on top, dark underneath <3
I feel like I've gained 5 pounds, although I KNOW I haven't. Ugh. My pants feel tighter...and its hard psychologically.....ya know..

haha. Ok I'm gonna have some wine and de-stress now.

Sorry. Even at work, I have to slooooooooooow down and do everything much slower. I guess thats good too, because..this world is so fast paced and everyone's just rush, rush, rush...we all need to friggin slow down. Sad that it takes a stupid injury to realize this.

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  1. Your hair looks cute- love it! Sorry about your injury,hope you get well soon :-)