Monday, March 30, 2009

My best money saving tips

I am super obsessive about eating healthy and trying to be cheap!
Buy canned veggies (beans, roasted red peppers refried beans, chicpeas, etc) from the dollar store
I must have silk vanilla soymilk in my coffee! Mix it with a small jug of 1% milk
Eat oatmeal/pumpkin/peanut butter for
Most days I have a clif bar+ apple for lunch
Buy store brand sf jelly
Stay in the dark w/good smelling candles as much as possible..ahhaha
NEVER have cash on will be spent!
Get a car thats good on fuel mileage, dammit!
Use ALL of my makeup before buying any more..this applies to shower gel, shampoo, conditioner/etc
Go 2 days without drying my hair
(This is why I can't wait for summer will be 5!!!)
Make my own protein bars!

NO buying starbucks/any storebought coffee/tea...bring your own!
NOOOO buying running clothes everytime I go into marshalls...bbahahaa
Everytime I get an itch to shop, GO FOR A RUN!!!! It makes me feel more fabulous, anyway
Cook my own tofu instead of buying lunchmeats
Make my own pita pizza
Go to a restaurant w/a salad bar, take home some LOL
Actually USE all my shoes/purses, etc
Buy Zoe's granola from Biglots for2$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do something creative whenever I feel materialistic...or just drink some wine. heheh
Shop at goodwill, thriftstores for things more
roast frozen veggies

anyone have anymore?

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