Monday, March 30, 2009

Its been awhile!

Hey there! I haven't posted because..well, I've just been lazy..and I've been having this recurring pain in my lower calf after every run..until now!
The culprit??! My asics kayano 14s! I've been using my ds trainer 14s and no problems whatsoever! They are much lighter. I think I just cannot do heavy shoes. They are too cushioned maybe, but I am so much faster, more confident! YAY!

Anyways I am continuing to be kind of....happy about this economy situation because I feel it brings us back to doing what really makes us happy, aside from the emotional shopping/spending sprees.

It has forced me to be more creative, more mindful, more happy....If i knew then what I know now..... <3

Except for this! Officially my new ride!!!!!!!!!!
I will be totally broke after April

And my new obsession: vaseline !HAhahaha. It is the best beauty product ever! Looky


  1. WOW. Congrats. I'm super jealous :)

  2. thanks ;) I am scrounging saving money sites and credit card debts like crazy...hope its worth it... lol