Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer is winding down...

ah this summer is such a change from the last. i am embracing change and not looking back. i am also embracing freshly ground coffee every morning, loving my roadbike more than my car, the mountain air turning chilly and crisp *almost*, and indian food..a la flying frog...mmmm best hummus ever.

This summer i have eaten my weight in hummus.

and humongo salads with avocado, fresh herbs, tomatoes, pepper, and like 10 million ingredients.

I am embracing my legs and powerful body..after seeing a woman with no legs in a wheelchair today.

I am trying so hard to let my emotional walls down and could be...maybe..possibly..ready to let someone in.

Its hard. Its a war in my head all day long. I want to feel as alive as around people who make me stronger, laugh more, strive more, pedal harder, sweat more, heart jump more, eat more good food *wine* ok beer too... lol

I want to be the most content, peaceful, at ease as ever....with some butterflies and heart pounding thrown in the mix.

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