Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To have yourself a good timeThe lies have always been the inspiration of our time so rise, let's be a part of the equation, it's no crime/ now, time, it hasn't made us any younger, yeah, i know/ but i'm pretty sure i feel your hunger, so let's go you know you've got to follow me i ain't gonna set you free but if you believe in me then i'll be giving you a good time follow me/ it's in your biology the one thing you really need is just to have yourself a good time the roads we're built to lead us all in circles, it's so rough/ get close, but never reach your destination, had enough now i never really got to know you, it's alright/ 'cause you, you can be anyone you want to, yeah, tonight i don't have to fight for you i said i don't have to die for you 'cause we belong together, tonight for now but not forever, it's alright

september's follow me

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