Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cabriolet=more driving=more $$ hahah

Wow, today was soooo perfect at a balmy 75 degrees. So of course, this means blasting my tunes with the top down, and cruising!!!!
Umm its getting ridiculous. It is the best feeling ever! Especially after a long sweaty run, jumping in the car and um..air-drying lol.
I hope my foot is better because I did 10 miles in 2 days and want to do another 5 tomorrow! Someone tell me nooooo...

I went into Dick's sporting goods and had to FORCE myself out of the nike/under armour isle...they had so many cute shorts and tanks.
But I will stick to marshalls/tj much cheaper!

But damn if they didn't have underarmour CUTE gear.
I made the yummiest brownies last night! SOOO Simple and yum. Take a box of dark choc. brownie mix, mix it w/one can of pumpkin, nothing else! Bake for 25 min at 400 degrees. OMG SOO GOOD.
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